Far Cry 4: Above And Beyond Kyrat



Ubisoft featured during Sony’s Gamescom conference, revealing some surprising details about Far Cry 4 (releasing November). Being set in the Himalayas many, including myself, assumed there would be a snowy mountainous area many thousands of feet above the rest of the world. Ubisoft confirmed this in the below trailer, alongside some other exciting details.



I had to watch that twice in order to fully grasp what I saw. Not only are we going to roam the vast land of Kyrat, but also the mythical spirit world of Shangri-La. Following on from Far Cry 3’s jaw dropping hallucination sequences (remember this giant we had to fight with a bow?) Far Cry 4 is to feature a side-step from reality by allowing you to explore the paradise that is Shangri-La. It quickly becomes apparent that this isn’t the peaceful place we all imagine, as we see Ajay fighting some kind of creatures with ornate masks.


Experiencing Culture first hand
Experiencing Culture first hand


Aside from everything trying to kill you though, you do get to fight alongside a Spirit Tiger. A dangerous companion that will kill anything you tag for it. Wildlife was already a devastating weapon if used correctly in Far Cry 3 and to be given your own tiger to command is brilliant. What remains to be seen thought is whether the sequences in Shangri-La are short missions that are strictly linear, or a full blown extra world.

A secondary announcement alongside this one was the announcement of the ‘Keys To Kyrat’. These keys aren’t keys to doors, but keys for the online store. See what they did there? These 10 keys are to be given to friends that allow them to download the game client meant for co-operative play, but for only 2 hours. It would be disappointing if ,following Ubisoft’s announcement of seamless drop in co-op with a friend who doesn’t even own the game, they could only play for 2 hours in total.

We here at TwinStickGaming will be following Far Cry 4 throughout Gamescom and until release, so check back periodically for more news.