Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Meet Sauron’s Servants

At Gamescom 2014 Monolith Productions and Warner Bros unveiled a whole host of deadly enemies that Talion, the lead character from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, will face.

The nemesis system is proving to be a feature many are keen to see in action, as it allows you to manipulate, kill or spy on the  ranks within Sauron’s army. A large portion of the game requires you to carefully infiltrate and assimilate Sauron’s army, attempting to make it your own. However, Sauron will not be defeated that easily.

In Shadow of Mordor, Sauron has three powerful servants, who can’t be swayed to your way of thinking, and direct conflict is the only solution to dealing with them. Talion may have acquired some devastating abilities himself, but Sauron’s lackeys aren’t exactly left wanting either. Each of these servants represent a portion of Sauron’s power and demeanour, and act as physical symbols to Sauron’s spectral state.

Check out the trailer to catch a glimpse of what you’ll be up against.

First up is the Black Hand who is the leader of the Black Captains. Representing the lying and deceitful side of Sauron, The Black Hand is in command of Sauron’s troops within Mordor. With the 9 Wraiths defeated, The Black Captains are the most deadly foe within the Dark Lord’s ranks.

Secondly is The Tower. A Black Numenorean with an appetite for torture, who was appointed lead torturer at Barad Dur. He intimidates the soldiers in his command and represents the most nefarious and heinous side of Sauron. This is someone who you will not overcome easily.

Finally there is The Hammer. Originally he fought for good during the battle at Mount Doom. He was a stretcher bearer who was horrified by the violence he witnessed. At the end of the battle he discovered Sauron’s hammer and upon touching it he transformed into a formidable and evil warrior.

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