Shadow Of Mordor Release Date Brought Forward To September

shadow of mordor 222

Warner Bros are feeling very confident about their upcoming title, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, as for the second time in recent weeks they have brought forward the release date. Shadow of Mordor will be available in North America from September 30th and the rest of us will have to wait until October 2nd.

Originally Shadow of Mordor was pencilled in for a week after the new release date, but ‘fan excitement‘ is apparently what has brought the game forward. With a host of titles being delayed until next year, September’s and October’s windows are wide open. This potentially, with the right balance of acclaim and advertising, could ensure that several games, including Shadow of Mordor, could enjoy a large amount of success as the holiday season is often saturated by the usual array of annual titles.

Fresh and new I.P has been somewhat sparse on the new consoles, but if Titanfall is anything to go by, there is still a large market out there wanting to be dazzled by new and inventive titles. Shadow of Mordor is certainly shaping up to be one of those titles.

Shadow of Mordor will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.