Far Cry 4: Dangers Of Shangri-La

Earlier this week Ubisoft announced some further details about Far Cry 4. They announced that the player would be faced with the spiritual plane of Shangri-La, and free to explore and fight this world. In the following time since the conference, more details have been revealed including enemy types and mission structure surrounding Shangri-La.

First off, Shangri-La access is only available as missions instead of another world to freely explore. Throughout Kyrat, players will encounter multiple areas that allow Ajay to meditate upon temple paintings, and recreate in his imagination how certain myths panned out. The developers have done this in order for you to create your own myths and legends, under the scenario of a great warrior from ancient times.


Small bits of enemy information has been revealed, offering some unique and challenging foes. First up is the Lurkers, bow wielding enemies that summon exploding canine animals to rush you down. Next up are the Butchers, which are melee oriented Lurkers that vanish and reappear as they run around you meaning you’ll be facing attack from all directions. Packing the real punch are the Scorchers, fire-breathing meat shields that take an enourmous amount of firepower to take down or a very risky silent backstab. With all 3 of these foes to tackle at once, with only a bow and a Tiger to fight with, these missions could easily become the most memorable of the game.

I'm glad he's on our side.
I’m glad he’s on our side.

Further information has also been given about your Tiger companion, mainly that he has been named as The Protector. Ominous sounding, and hints at some higher intelligence that may come into play during the missions. The true nature of these spirits, friendly and not so friendly, has yet to be revealed. The missions seen so far have been set in Spiritual Temples, but it doesn’t say whether you are attacking or defending them. Could we in fact be playing the downfall of some great spiritual event? No further information has been revealed about what kind of benefits this could give to Ajay either, maybe give us the Protector to use against Pagan Min?

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