5 Reasons You Should Get Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Let’s face facts here, many people weren’t excited by Ubisoft’s Gamescom announcement of Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Many thought that it was a reskinned version of Black Flag, and not willing to commit their money to an overly expensive DLC package. We here at Twinstick Gaming like to keep things neutral so here are 5 reason why you should be looking forward to Assassin’s Creed: Rogue;

Looking pretty mean there, Shay.
Looking pretty mean there, Shay.

1. Become a Templar

Assassin’s are cool, they wear white, they have hoods and have lots of different ways to kill you. Templar’s are their dark counterparts. Jedi’s are cool right? But Sith are even cooler. Shay isn’t held back by Assassin Brotherhood rules any more, meaning that in Rogue you can kill civilians, wear black and red and generally be a bad guy. Why not poison a group of civilians to be a distraction? Or blow up barrels for no reason what so ever? No more ‘YOUR ANCESTOR DID NOT KILL CIVILIANS’ this time. This guy obviously did.

2. Its about who you know

Being a member of an age old society, known for having members in high places means that you’ll have connections. Lots of money? Check. Lots of allies? Check. Lots of technology? Double check. We have already seen that Shay has close connections with Hatham Kenway (Edward’s son from AC4 and Connor’s dad from AC3) meaning that we may finally find out how the Assassin order went from an influential order in Edwards time to being nearly destroyed at the start of Connor’s.

3. Pimped my ride

Your ship in Rogue is the best of the best. The Templar Order spares no expense when it comes to hunting down their mortal enemy, meaning you’ll have the pinnacle of Assassin killing weaponry. Your ship has been equipped with front facing cannons that fire exploding projectiles, rear mounted fire barrels that cover the water in fire traps, and improved ship construction meaning you’re faster and more deadly than ever.

Burn baby, burn.
Burn baby, burn.

4. Future tech

The poison system in Black Flag was great, you could poison dart a single enemy at a time and watch them either fall asleep, attack their friends or just die. In Rogue, you’ve once again got the upper hand. Shay comes equipped with an Air Rifle filled to the brim with different darts, some old and some new. Another addition to the arsenal is the Grenade Launcher, which may sound out of place in a time where people still fought with swords. Shay’s grenade launcher is for poisoning people en mass. A group of civilians can become a deadly weapon when you cause 10 people to berserk all at once.

5. Boldly go where not many people have been before….

In AC3 and Black Flag we had some experiences of naval locations, mainly places that wouldn’t make too bad of a holiday destination. Things aren’t quite as hot this time around, as Shay has to navigate the freezing northern oceans. Here new gameplay features are found, your ship has to be equipped to become an Icebreaker as there are thin layers of ice that cover the surface of the ocean restricting your movement. You will have to navigate around Glaciers that can aid or hinder you in combat, as they can be used as cover from enemies. If you fall overboard, you’ll have to get back on land quickly as you freeze to death in minutes. New animals are in the frozen landscapes too, as Ubisoft have already mentioned Polar Bears hunting you throughout the zones.

Plus, there are Penguins.

Yes. Penguins.
Yes. Penguins.


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