Borderlands Pre-Sequel: ClapTrap Character Reveal Gamescom 2014

2k Australia has finally revealed almost everything you need to know about ClapTrap’s skill tree and abilities. ClapTrap is perhaps Borderlands universally loved character and 2k have been very shrewd in unveiling him last. No matter where 2k and Gearbox went every fan wanted to know, “where’s ClapTrap? When will you give us ClapTrap? What’s it like to play as ClapTrap?” Well enough is enough so check out IGN’s scoop on Claptrap at Gamescom as they sat down with James Lopex (producer, Gearbox) and Joel Eschler (producer 2k Australia).

Here you will see that ClapTrap has a strange array of abilities but they certainly pack a punch. Abilities such as gun blizzard, torque fiesta or pirate ship mode, where the front of ClapTrap turns into a pirate ship fully armed with 4 cannons, establish that ClapTrap is a forced to be reckoned with and not somebody’s minion.

ClapTrap’s abilities also pay homage to the characters of the previous games, as he can throw down a mini ClapTrap that fires upon targets within close proximity, much like Axton’s turret from Borderlands 2. ClapTrap appears to have Siren wings similar to that of Lilith and Maya as well as being able to dual-wield guns whilst donning Salvadors distinctive hairstyle. Nobody said Borderlands had to make sense.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is due on Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC from October 14th North America or October 17th Internationally.