Guide to The Last of Us Remastered: Factions MP

Since June, 2013, the Twinstick offices have had people playing The Last of Us. We’ve brought you news, previews and reviews of everything from the main game, the Left Behind chapter and even downloadable maps and hats for the online mode. Alongside the awesome story, sits one of the finest and most original multiplayer modes in videogame history, which we have also been playing for over a year now. With the release of The Last of Us Remastered, a whole new group of players have appeared online.

This is great news as the multiplayer should be experienced by all. However, one thing is very clear: some of you guys need help!

Above is an example game of Factions on the Checkpoint Map with some very useful advice for newcomers. There’s nothing in the video that is difficult to do, we’re not expecting you to be a crack shot – just watch, listen and learn.

You’ll hear a lot of people say that Factions MP is at its best when you’re all mic’d up and coordinated. Whilst this is certainly true, you can have almost as much fun playing with random team mates and no mic. Particularly if you follow the advice in the video above. Click the link below to see an archived live broadcast from our Twitch channel.

It’s live play on Interrogation with no mics and ‘no parties’ selected. Just for good measure – as we were broadcasting – everyone was muted too. We’ve been randomly matched, never met before, but have all clearly played the game often enough to know how to work together organically. You don’t get too much trash talk online, but there is the occasional idiot. If you’re at all nervous about playing – use the tips and mute everyone while you get to grips with it! Never let the idiots put you off.

For more hints, tips, tricks and tactics to playing The Last of Us online, come back to TwinStick Gaming soon. Think we missed something? Want to critique our performance? Let us know in the comments below!