Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: New Trailer – Last Hope – Gamescom 2014

All the cards appear to be on the table as 2k Australia and Gearbox Software launched their latest trailer, Last Hope, for their upcoming game Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. All characters have now been revealed and the newest trailer sheds some new insights as to how the notorious Handsome Jack has managed to bring together this dangerous bunch of misfits and outlaws.

In typical Borderlands fashion we can see that none of the comic book style cell shading has been tampered with and that Borderlands The Pre-Sequel intends to blend bizarre outlandish humour with gratuitous violence.

Sadly, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel isn’t coming to Xbox One or PS4, although the possibility hasn’t been ruled out according to 2k Australia’s Tony Lawrence. However, you can get your hands on on the game for either Xbox 360, PS3 and PC come October 14th North America or October 17th Internationally.