Destiny: “People Just Didn’t Grasp It Until They Got Their Hands On It”

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One of the most talked about games this year is undoubtedly Destiny. Since Bungie announced that they were leaving Halo behind them, all eyes have been on Destiny. Oddly enough, despite all the attention, videos, screenshots and press coverage gamers were still nonplussed as to what Destiny was all about. That is until they got their hands on the beta.

Jonty Barnes Bungie – Director of Production

“We didn’t realise, because we were living it, how difficult it was to talk about – how seamlessly you move between activities, how you collide and then disrupt,” Jonty Barnes, the games’ Director of Production told MCV, “We kept on talking about the core game, and people just didn’t grasp it until they got their hands on it. Since the beta it has been easier to explain what the game is”

Lead concept artist Jesse Van Dijk also had this to say;

“Destiny is built on the foundation of things we have learnt over time. There are certainly components of the game that players will be familiar with, but the broad formula is a certain something that is very new, and that has not been seen before in any kind of game.”

Bungie’s and Activision’s biggest problem at the time was being able to convey to the audience what type of a game Destiny was. With Bungie toting the word “unique” or “original” around, they couldn’t blatantly wade straight in and compare Destiny to another first person shooter. Whilst similarities have been drawn between Halo and Borderlands, the depth and complexity of Destiny is apparent but is still a relatively unknown entity. The beta has only given us a glimpse of what is to come, as the game itself intends to have a 10 year life cycle. Destiny is a title that will need continuous support and the propensity to constantly evolve if it is to maintain a strong fan base for 10 years.

One thing is for certain, after the 4.6 million people played the Beta, Destiny has become one of the fastest pre-ordered games of all time.

Destiny has a worldwide release of the 9th of September and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.