Ubisoft Abandoning PS3 and Xbox 360?

This week, in an interview with Gameinformer, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed some surprising news. From 2015, Ubisoft will no longer make games for the previous generation consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). This is a decision, Yves says, that is a direct result of rapid transition to current generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), which unfortunately make ongoing support of last-gen unviable. He is quoted saying:

What we see is that this year is still fine for the PS3 and 360. But next year because they are selling very quickly, we’ll move to the new hardware. After 2015, it will be hard for us to create games for those systems.

Ubisoft is well known for its Assassin's Creed series, with Black Flag being on all generation consoles.
Ubisoft is well known for its Assassin’s Creed series, with Black Flag being on all generation consoles.

This is understandable, as committing to 4 consoles instead of 2 is a far greater responsibility. Not only increasing workload, but splitting the studio with regards to generations. The only worry now is whether or not this will pay off, as current-gen only has an install base of around 20 million whilst last-gen has 150 million. Ubisoft clearly expect sales to rocket up to that level for PS4 and Xbox One in the near future.

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