New Call of Duty Multiplayer trailer


Activision and Sledgehammer games have released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The new gameplay video focuses on, the biggest part of the CoD franchise, the multiplayer.

With a whole new set of gadgets and tools at your disposal the multiplayer side of CoD could change. Jet packs, which enable the player to reach new vantage points look to be one of the big game changers. Like Titanfall, Advanced Warfare has double jumping or rocket boots, whatever it’s called, and it will change the pace and flow of the multiplayer. Like wise the Mechs will have a large impact on gameplay. Again, like Titanfall, players will be able to call in an armoured robot to aid them in battle. Also on display in the new video was cloaking devices, cluster rocket style air strikes and a bunch of new high-tech death-rays. Check out the video below.

Gameplay looks as fast and twitchy as ever, with Call of Duty’s slick and smooth combat mechanics getting the true next gen make over. Iteration seems to be a big thing with these guys, as we now get some limited level destruction. Midway through the video we can see players fighting on a dock. We are then treated to a rather cool kill-streak as a tsunami smashes up the shoreline. As the waves settle, the player dives into the water. This ‘new’ feature has appeared in the last Call of Duty and its main rival, Battlefield.

Activision clearly look to be trying to refresh the tired and worn formula that has worked so well in the past. Will imitating its peers while holding true to what fans love work? We’ll find out on November 4th.