Far Cry 4: Pagan-Mins Right Hand Lady

A short time ago, Ubisoft revealed another character that is set to feature in their upcoming game Far Cry 4. Earlier this month we got a closer look at Pagan-Min, the games enthralling bad guy/self appointed ruler.

In a tweet from Ubisoft, they wrote this:

Meet Yuma: Deadly tactician, general of the Royal Army, and Pagan Min’s right-hand woman.

Alongside the following image:

I wouldn't mess with her.
I wouldn’t mess with her.

From this image alone we can deduce (as I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on) several things. Firstly, that she is militaristic but with flair. The general’s coat clearly showcases who she is within Pagan’s new order, but her bright pink hair and open coat show that she prone to the same outlandish and unorthodox style as her leader. Secondly, that she is one cold killer. Look at that stare, it is like she’s planning the most amusing method of execution for you.

Every country needs an army, and every army needs a general. I’m already looking forward to every interaction I can get with this new adversary.

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