Playstation Plus (PS+) Free Games September 2014

Playstation have confirmed their FREE set of games, with the Playstation Plus Instant Games Collection for September 2014. So lets have a look at what free games we are getting for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this month.

PS4 – Velocity 2X

velocity 2x

Velocity 2x is a highly addictive shoot ’em up from developer FuturLab, and is the sequel to the original Velocity X. This game is frantic in pace and merges both side scrolling platform elements with high octane space battles. For those looking to move on from Resogun, you may have just found your game.

PS4/PS3 – Sportfriends



A compendium of sports and zany retro inspired titles, that can be played be played with the standard Dualshock Controller or the Playstation Move. Sportsfriends is also a cross-buy title available for PS4 and PS3. This game is designed for people who love to play alongside friends with the option for local multiplayer. So for those of you who remember gathering around the telly with 4 controllers, trying to best your friends at Goldeneye or Mario Kart, this is for you.

PS3/PS Vita – Playstation Allstars Battle Royale

playstation allstars

At Twinstick Gaming we have much admiration for this for Playstation Allstars Battle Royale and its community. If you love beat ’em ups that are inspired by classic fighters such as Super Smash Bros, then you need to download this. Play as your favourite Sony characters throughout the decades such as Kratos, Parappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake and Sack Boy. This is available for PS3 as well as the PS Vita.

PS3 – Hoard


For PS3 there is arcade indie title Hoard, where players take on the role of a Dragon and must burn down villages, kidnap princess’ and incinerate thieves to collect the biggest Dragon hoard of gold the world has ever seen. Mixing arcade action with strategy, you can compete with up to four friends with online multiplayer.

PS Vita – TxK


Playstation Vita is being treated to Llamasoft’s psychedelic tube shooter TxK. Considered the spiritual successor to retro classic Tempest, TxK is one of those wonderfully bizarre titles were everything lights up and explodes into a waterfall of colours, leaving many gamers wondering what the hell is going on. Rave reviews, 100 levels, amazing soundtrack and a leaderboard to top make this a Vita must have.

PS Vita – Joe Danger

From Hello Games comes Joe Danger, an arcade style stunt bike challenger. For those who enjoy Trials, you need to pick up Joe Danger. The controls have been tinkered with to adapt to the Vita’s touchscreen and the visual are all in 60 frames per second. Oh and you can build your own stunts too.

Leaving PS Plus:

3rd September: Road Not Taken
3rd September: FEZ
3rd September: Crysis 3
3rd September: Proteus
3rd September: Metrico
3rd September: LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years