Destiny – Playstation’s Exclusive Content Wrapped Up In One Video

Bungie and Activision have teamed up with Sony for their upcoming game Destiny. Whilst Destiny will be available on the current crop of Microsoft consoles, Sony will be getting a host of timed-exclusive goodies. Bungie’s latest video showcases all of the exclusive DLC that will be available solely on PS4 and PS3 all the way up to ‘the fall of 2015.’

In addition to the Dust Palace Strike and Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer maps, which we’ve known about for some time, Playstation owners will be treated to new armour sets, weapons and ship designs – which include;

  • Dust Palace Strike and Exodus Blue competitive map
  • Gear sets: Titan Vanir, Hunter Argus, Warlock Manifold
  • Guns: Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle, Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon
  • Ship designs: Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer, Outrageous Fortune

Check out the video to see these exclusives in action.