Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer

EA and Bioware recently announced that Dragon Age Inquisition would now have multiplayer. The decision seems to come from nowhere as the game looked to be purely focused on a single player campaign. Obviously, Bioware were keeping their cards close to their chests and now we can see the multiplayer in action with this new trailer.

There will be 12 characters to choose from, with more on the way via DLC, but while these characters are preset characters it appears their armour and weapon is full customisable. Bioware confirmed that the multiplayer will be completely separate from the single player campaign and any experience points earned or items acquired will not cross over into either mode. The multiplayer will be a story driven dungeon crawler, where up to 4 players can smash their way through the various creatures and enemies.

Initially Dragon Age Inquisition disappointed some fans when they discovered that they couldn’t party up with friends on the main campaign. Hopefully the new multiplayer mode will be enough to quench their thirst.

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