Far Cry 4: The Golden Path

If you’re following Far Cry 4, then the following reveals (although small) will interest you!


We already know that the main protagonist, Ajay, will be dragged into the Kyrat civil war to fight Pagan Min. Until now we knew little about the side that you eventually ally with, as originally they were represented as a generic rebel force. Recently, Ubisoft revealed that the faction you will fight for is called ‘The Golden Path‘ and they are far from generic. This faction is led by multiple leaders, vying for control over the whole thing. On multiple occasions Ajay will be faced with difficult decisions that will affect many people throughout Kyrat, depending on which leader he sides with. In the end, they are all targeting Pagan Min but their methods differ extremely.


Ubisoft stresses that there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ path, or even ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The main differences are their methods, with one wanting to end Pagans rule in order to restore Kyrat to its old roots and the other wanting to utilise modern methods of drug/weapon trading in order to obtain money and power. Whilst the former may sound more peaceful, it also means that Kyrat will become stagnant and won’t advance as a nation after Pagan Min is removed. It remains to be seen what kind of decisions Ajay will be faced with, and whether a happy medium can be achieved.

With a fascinating antagonist, his followers, and the vast country to explore, Far Cry 4 is shaping up to be a truly special experience.

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