Next Gen GTA V Delayed To 2015?

Rumours and chatter are all over the internet claiming that Rockstar’s epic Grand Theft Auto 5, for PS4 and Xbox One, will be pushed back to sometime in 2015. What does this mean? Well its a bit of a bummer for the eight people on earth who haven’t played it. For the rest of us, it means additional content like Heist missions, new competitive maps and other extras could be delayed on the older consoles.


CEO of Take Two, the publishers behind Rockstar’s GTA franchise had this to say.

We really are driven by our passion for the business, I know it sounds hard to believe from capitalists, which we also are, but what keeps us up at night and gets us here early in the morning and makes us excited, is that we pride ourselves on making the best interactive entertainment in the business.

We are not trying to deliver the minimum acceptable quality and monetise it. We are trying to delight consumers and monetise it. In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, nothing will satisfy Rockstar, nothing except the very, very best. They want to blow consumers away; whatever the expectation is, they want to exceed it. When you see GTA V for next-gen, I want you to call me and tell me whether it is or isn’t better than your expectation. I can guarantee it will be better.

This is all just hearsay and Twitter gabble at the moment, but there could be some truth in this. Rockstar are notorious for being tight-lipped until they’re ready to announce new details themselves, and many of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles have had several delays in the past. Lets see what Rockstar say over the next few days. Check out the next-gen trailer below.


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