Beyond: Two Souls Coming To PS4?


The internet is often rife with rumours, yet there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Beyond: Two Souls could be on its way to PS4. Recently, Exophase leaked a set of PS4 trophies said to be attributed to the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls. The list of trophies are identical to the PS3 version so this could of course be complete rubbish.

However, in July two German retailers listed Beyond: Two Souls for pre-order for the PS4, shortly after being advertised both retailers removed the listing. To add fuel to the fire a programmer at Quantic Dream posted images of him adapting controls of Beyond for the Dualshock 4 controller. These images were also removed.

With the recent success of the re-release of The Last of Us on PS4, Sony would be smart to capitalise on many of their in-house productions and introduce them to a new audience. Naughty Dog have spoken openly about the possibility of the Uncharted series making its way to PS4 and Sony have also confirmed, earlier in the year, that Journey and Unfinished Swan are making their way to PS4, hopefully later this year.

Beyond: Two Souls, despite mixed criticism, is the natural choice for Sony to make. The touch pad would be incredibly well suited the unique gameplay mechanics. Graphically, Beyond was sublime. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful looking games available and wouldn’t look out of place on the PS4, even in its current state.

Beyond: Two Souls was sadly overlooked last year and what better way to rejuvenate this lost classic than by re-releasing it to a fresh new audience. Beyond: Two Souls wasn’t for everyone and some of its criticisms perhaps hold some merit. However, at Twinstick Gaming we found that in contrast to the games available at the time, that Beyond simply stood out. It felt fresh in market dominated by shooter franchises and as the PS3 was coming to a close, this Swan Song may have drawn its critics but at least it caused a stir.

Perhaps people were expecting Heavy Rain 2? Perhaps the tough subject matter of life and death was something too challenging to audiences? Perhaps its quick time gameplay and heavy reliance on cinematics left players detached? Either way, we at Twinstick Gaming are hopeful that Beyond: Two Souls will get a second chance.

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