The New Nintendo 3DS will land next year!


Nintendo have announced yet another model of their dual screened portable console, the 3DS.

The 3DS has had several different interpretations and variations, as well as Limited Edition variants of their Nintendo 3DS family, but now the extended family looks to have some new siblings on the horizon with a console, which is being simply named: The New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL.

Although the Japanese market will see this console this year, we will have to wait until next year to get our hands on its new features, but in the mean time we will give you the run down of what you can expect from the new handheld.

More Power!

The new 3DS will feature an upgraded processor, meaning that bigger and more fast paced games will only be able to run on this new console. Nintendo revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles would be the first of such games. We would say that this new feature of the console could be open to some scrutiny seeing as people may be forced to upgrade to the new console, even if they don’t want to, just so that they can play these new games.

More Buttons!

The new Nintendo 3DS will feature several new buttons, which will undoubtedly come in handy for future planned titles for the platform.

The 3DS previously had to rely on the Circle Pad Expansion Pad to achieve the use of dual analogue controls, for titles such as Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater. The new 3DS will now include an additional control circle.

Located above the four buttons is a small control pad, which will give additional control over games and future releases.

In addition to these, two more shoulder buttons – ZL and ZR, have been added, which mirrors more conventional controllers and a similar button format as what you may find on a Wii U Pro controller.

Wider 3D Angle


Because of the increased hardware power, the 3D capabilities have been improved. The 3DS had a minor issue in that when the 3DS was tilted slightly, the 3D display would blur. However, this is now a thing of the past with wider angles meaning that no matter how the console is moved during play, your 3D viewing pleasure will remain intact.

Amiibo Reader Integration


When Nintendo officially announced Amiibo, it was believed that the Nintendo 3DS would have a receiver available to place your Amiibo figures on to. However, the new 3DS will have the NFC reader built-in to it and figures can be placed directly onto the console to be read.

The new 3DS will also have a few other features, which help to improve the 3DS models. These include:

  • Improved camera features
  • Automatic brightness sensor
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Interchangeable console covers.

These covers come in all kinds of colours and designs, and will undoubtedly keep all those people who like to modify their consoles appearance happy for a long time.

The new 3DS will be available in both the original 3DS size, which will feature coloured face buttons similar to that of a retro Super Nintendo controller. The new 3DS features will also come in the XL design.

So what do you tink to the new 3DS console? If you are a Nintendo 3DS console owner, will you be upgrading?

Let us know what you think to these new features and what you think the future holds for the new Nintendo 3DS!