GTA V Release Date For Xbox One & PS4 Is November?

With increasing activity in the Rockstar and wild speculation, a number of online retailers may have let the release date for GTA V on Xbox One and PS4 slip. Fortunately IGN managed to take a screenshot from U.S retailer Newegg, before all the listings were taking down. As you can see from the picture below, North America may see GTA V arrive on next gen from November the 18th.

gta release

Of course no confirmation has come from Rockstar themselves and the only statement we have ever received from the studio was at E3, when Rockstar publicly announced that GTA V was heading to next gen this fall.

At E3 GTA showcased the visual comparison of GTA V on the PS3 in contrast to the PS4 version. The results were stunning. We have also discovered that voice actor Cara Delevingne, was back in the studio adding extra content to the fictitious radio station, Non Stop Pop FM, that her character hosts. With this activity and the potential November release date, many will begin to draw conclusions that Rockstar are applying the final touches to GTA V. All of this is in stark contrast to the suspected delays to GTA V on next gen, delays that Rockstar have, according to Metro, denied.

Stay tuned with Twinstick Gaming for the latest on this story. In the mean time check out our original review of GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3.