New Nintendo 3DS to be region locked.

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 13.19.44We recently reported on the announcement of Nintendo releasing a revised version of their Nintendo 3DS console and the numerous features which have been added.


It has also come to light however that both models of the new 3DS will be region locked, meaning that owners will not be able to import games from other territories and play them on their consoles.

Nintendo games have a habit of being imported quite regularly as many titles are not always released in all territories or often see long delays between releases in Japan and Europe for example.


The Ace Attorney series has had one release which has never seen an English translation and has relied on fans of the series to import the game from Japan in order to play this entry.

Some franchises simply do not resonate with the western world as well as they do in Japan meaning that titles such as these don’t see shelves in the U.S and Europe and fans are often left hoping and praying that they will be released as titles on eShop (which isn’t always the case) or to simply import these titles.

With this ‘restriction’ in place, this could force many hardcore Nintendo fans to rethink trading in their current console in for the new 3DS if it means that they will miss out on titles of their much loved franchises.

The new 3DS will not be released here until next year but in the mean time don’t forget to check out our summary of the new features of the new console and tell us what you think of the inability to play import games in the future.