Play Destiny On Your PS Vita With Remote Play

destiny vita

Just when you thought Destiny just couldn’t get any better on Playstation, they add Remote Play to the PS Vita.

Yes everyone, you can play Destiny on your PS Vita provided you own a copy of the game on PS4. If you haven’t come across remote play before then let us enlighten you. If you own a PS4 and a PS Vita you can play just about any title you own on PS4 via your PS Vita. Remote Play works through Wi-Fi and allows access to your entire PS4 library.

What’s even better is that instead of a direct Remote Play, Bungie has optimised Destiny’s controls to suit the PS Vita. Obviously the PS4 Dualshock controller has extra triggers in comparison to the PS Vita, which only has shoulder buttons. So to ensure that Destiny works just as smoothly on the PS Vita as it does on the PS4, by utilising the Vita’s touch screen. Grenades and melee buttons, which are usually found on the Dualshock 4’s triggers can now be activated on the left and right hand side of the PS Vita’s touchscreen.

According to the Playstation Blog many players who signed up for the Destiny beta had already tried Remote Play.

Check out the video of Destiny on the PS Vita in action.

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