Batman: Arkham Knight Release date and Editions Announced

Rocksteady and Warner Brothers have today announced that we will not see the conclusion of the Arkham franchise until the 2nd June 2015.


We reported some time ago now about the possibility of a February release of Arkham Knight but it seems we will not be busting criminals skulls until the start of June, some eight months after the games original release date of October 2014.

This is sad news indeed but it does mean that Rocksteady will undoubtedly take their time to ensure that this amazing title is as polished as can be and will be the biggest superhero game of the next generation.

Along with the announcement of the release date for Arkahm Knight, Warner Bros. have announced two limited editions for their upcoming Batman title.

The first, simply named the Limited Edition, will come with an 80 page art book, loaded with concept art throughout the various stages of development. The book also features everything from characters concepts to Gotham City itself, a limited edition steelbook with a unique design and disc art, a limited edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 comic, three skins for use within the game inspired by the New 52 comics series and a Batman Memorial Statue.


The Limited Edition is looking to set you back around £89.99 in the UK and €119.99 in Europe for an XBOX ONE and PS4 copy.

The second is a very hefty priced yet amazing Batmobile Edition.

The Batmobile comes with all of the above (except the Batman Memorial statue) but also comes with a transformable statue of the Batmobile that features in Batman: Arkham Knight.


This edition will be £169.99 in the UK and will set our European friends back 199.99.

 As to where you will be able to pre-order these beautiful collectors editions is unknown at this stage but we will up date you as soon as we have the details.