Destiny – All Ghost location hints.


Destiny has a lot of side-missions and extra activities. One thats likely to drive you mad is the Dead Ghost locations. Well us helpful folk at TwinStick have put together the complete list of Dead Ghosts, along with the HINT that should help you find them a little easier. We’ll be updating this page as we trek across the planets in search of them all.


  1. Breach –
    HINT: Got your gun? Watch the ceiling.
  2. Breach –
    HINT: Stand in the puddle, look left.
  3. The Divide –
    HINT: Look up…and follow the signs.
  4. The Divide –
    HINT: Round and round.
  5. The Steppes
    HINT: Shed your fears.
  6. The Steppes to Mothyards –
    HINT: Watch your throttle or you’ll miss the ditch.
  7. Mothyards –
    HINT: Not all caves are on even ground.
  8. Lunar Complex –
    HINT: Search the dark, to find the Light.
  9. Skywatch –
    HINT: Nice view…..but you’re not alone.
  10. Terestrial Complex –
    HINT: Open locker.
  11. Rocketyard –
    HINT: Above the Service
  12. Forgotten Shore –
    HINT: Gonna need a bigger boat.
  13. Refinery –
    HINT: find a small room. Look for the Light.
  14. The Blast –
    HINT: The Devil Walker guards more than a locked door.
  15. The Grottos
    HINT: Just beyond the unseen door.
  16. Forgotten Shore: Bunker RAS-2
    HINT: Search the bunker.

The Moon

  1. Archer’s Line – (The first mission location on the Moon. On the right hand side of the first support beam).
    HINT: Accelaration.
  2. Archer’s Line – (To the right of the main dome entrance. Look over the side barrier).
    HINT: “Crack beyond the dome”.
  3. Anchor of Light –
    HINT: Climb the Grinder.
  4. Temple of Crota
    HINT: You gotta go down, to get back up.
  5. Hellmouth –
    HINT: Explore our past.
  6. Circle of Bones –
    HINT: Complete the circle.
  7. Gatehouse –
    HINT: Look to the depths.
  8. Hall of Wisdom –
    HINT: Edge of the abyss.
  9. Shrine of Oryx
    HINT: Deep within, upon the bones.


  1. Barrens –
    HINT: There is heated combat at its doorstep.
  2. Scablands –
    HINT: Wonder whats on the other side.
  3. Firebase Rubicon –
    HINT: Where the lonely tree grows.
  4. The Hollows –
    HINT: “CB” marks the spot.
  5. Dust Palace –
    HINT: Window washer.
  6. Overwatch –
    HINT: Get a desk job.
  7. Giant’s Pass –
    HINT: Root of the problem.
  8. Valley of the Kings –
    HINT: Climb, beyond the outpost….not too high , not too low.
  9. Valley of the Kings –
    HINT: Skirt the edge.
  10. The Drift –
    HINT: Signs of life.
  11. Buried City –
    HINT: Get some height to get Off World.
  12. Freehold Station –
    HINT: Like a tiny star in the night.
  13. Tharsis Junction –
    HINT: In the shadows of the M Line.
  14. Iron Line –
    HINT: It hides above.
  15. Trenchworks –
    HINT: Hug the walls.
  16. The Legion’s Keep –
    HINT: Column of stone.
  17. Upper Garden –
    HINT: ????????
  18. The Black Garden
    HINT: ????????


  1. Headlands –
    HINT: Third puddle to the left.
  2. Shattered Coast –
    HINT: Backseat driver.
  3. Ishtar Academy –
    HINT: Bookworm.
  4. Ishtar Cliffs –
    HINT: Over the muddy waters.
  5. Walking Ruins –
    HINT: Take the high ground…then go a bit higher.
  6. Campus 9 –
    HINT: Let your exploration reach new heights.
  7. Ishtar Commons –
    HINT: Under the tarp. Above your head.
  8. Ishtar Commons –
    HINT: Small dark rooms.
  9. Winter’s Lair –
    HINT: Leave no dark corner uncharted.
  10. Ember Caves
    HINT: It’s not called Ember ‘Caves’ for nothing.
  11. Hall of Whispers –
    HINT: It’s in here…Somewhere
  12. N/Gen Branch –
  13. Dig Site 4 –
    HINT: Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  14. Endless Steps
    HINT: Good luck.