Destiny First Impressions – Review (full review coming soon)

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With a game as big and vast as Destiny, we wanted to explore everything the game has to offer before we give you our complete review. We’re a vocal lot though so here’s the first impressions from several of our staff. Destiny has been out less than a week but already we’ve got some high level players here at TwinStickgaming.

Alex Ashcroft

destiny 111I’ve had Destiny since launch day and I’ve put plenty of time into it so far, both single player and multiplayer. I’m currently a level 25 Titan, which was a big deal when I first started. I fully intended to be a Warlock since the classes were first revealed, but when I saw the raw power of a Titan in the hands of a Bungie employee I couldn’t resist putting on that heavy armour and punching my way through enemies.

Destiny happens to be a mix of my favourites, with sci-fi and fantasy blended together. It has the sci-fi element of Halo, with hover bikes and energy weapons, elements of Skyrim with its impressive magic abilities, and mix of Borderlands with its frankly addictive loot system. Having finished the story elements to Destiny, I was slightly disappointed. This was until I realised something, the vague story is on purpose. Imagine being a newly resurrected Guardian, and one of many at that. You are geared up and sent off to fight ‘The Darkness’ with hardly a moments pause. You wouldn’t understand much of the world, or what is completely going on, only that you have to destroy anything that isn’t friendly. With supposedly 10 years of future support inbound, Bungie has more than enough time to build up the lore. I like that they have presented us with little bits of information, teasing us to stick around and learn as we go along.

The combat is by far the best part of Destiny, with some of the most impressive gameplay I’ve experienced in years. The Crucible maps offer a nice variety of locations and distances, which cater to each players weapon preference. Enclosed spaces for shotgun users, and long range vistas for the sneaky sniper types. Each class has abilities that give them powerful and useful techniques to use in combat. As a Titan, I employed the short ranged, fast paced combat style with shotgun in use most of the time. I have yet to gain the best armour or weapons, and I have yet to even try out my other power set (as each class currently has 2) which means I have a lot of game time left to experiment with.

No doubt i’ll be playing Destiny for years to come, as long as they keep it fresh and add more and more content every year. You never know, we may be looking at a game that has the same longevity as World Of Warcraft! Wouldn’t that be something?!

Mike Butcher

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I’m just going to right out and say it, I don’t like Destiny. Now don’t get me wrong, the gun play is solid, the graphics are nice and it’s got a fair bit of content. My problem is, none of this really matters when you have such an un-inspired and shallow game. When Destiny was first announced I thought that Bungie, the developers behind the awesome Halo series, would bring something fresh and new to the First-person-shooter table, but so far I’ve been disappointed.

Destiny’s worlds or levels or whatever you want to call them are infuriatingly basic in terms of explorations and approach. By that I mean each and every encounter with enemies plays out the same way. You get a mission from your Ghost, normally it’s ‘go look at something over there’. You get to the mission point, shoot the bad guys until you’re told to move on. I expected an open ended approach to the combat. Maybe have several entrances into your mission zone. How about some different gameplay elements like stealth or espionage style.

The game was hyped as the next big thing for console gaming but I fail to see the appeal, sure we have the MMO aspect to Destiny but outside of the Tower, other players seem to stick to themselves unless its a timed event.

Architecturally, the locations that Bungie have created are stunning to look at but have no sense of life to them. No wildlife, no alternate routes, not even exploding barrels!

Now you could be thinking that I’m been overly critical, picking on the little things and ignoring the big picture? The big picture here is the longevity of the game. Bungie have stated they have plans to keep Destiny alive and updated for the next ten years! I think gamers with be bored of this before the end of the year.

Destiny, like most of the supposed next gen titles, hasn’t really pushed the boundaries or showed anything that I would say is truly next gen. The games that have inspired Destiny (Borderlands, Halo, Diablo, CoD) all have their own distinct feel and character. In its quest to take the best of these games, Destiny forgot to give itself a heart.

Philip Mower


The expectation surrounding Destiny was high to say the least and the public beta certainly grabbed the imagination of the gaming community at large. Any previous ambiguity that surrounded Bungie’s mysterious new I.P was soon washed away and fans were left in anticipation.

Upon entering Bungie’s new world you can’t help but take in the view. The visuals and choice of lighting are stunning. Never has a post apocalyptic world looked so vibrant, at least not since forgotten classic Enslaved: An Odyssey to the West.

The action is crisp, the player filled servers run smoothly and the initial game-play is fun. However, what currently concerns me is how little the complete game is different from the beta we played back in July. In the beta the areas of Old Russia and The Moon weren’t just snippets of what was to come but are in fact pretty much everything the game has to offer. Already I have retread the same ground over and over, and very few of the enemies are offering anything that resembles a challenge. The open world, full exploration, angle that Bungie has sold to its audience isn’t exactly forthcoming. Yet I’m quietly optimistic that the more I delve into Bungie’s new universe, the more depth and scope will be on offer.

Brett Rogers

destiny 101

A few days have passed now since the release of Destiny and I can say that I have managed to invest a fair amount of time in to this much anticipated title. After playing a small amount of the Beta, I didn’t really see how this title could differ from the huge selection of first person shooters that were already available and from the game footage I had watched, it was clear to see some of Bungie’s Halo franchise bleeding through in to the title.

From the blue energy weapons used by the Fallen and your ghost which resembles a Halo Sentinel, I guess I couldn’t say I felt anything to be overly excited about. However I must admit that my first, second, third and many more impressions are that this is a title that not only pulls inspiration from Halo, but from many other titles to amazing effect.

Having played a wide range of games from MMO’s, RPG’s and first person shooters, it’s great to play something that combines features from not only so many titles, but from a variety of different genre’s also. One moment I am playing reminiscing of times playing City of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic, then I find myself remembering the great fun I have had playing Borderlands, Mass Effect and Halo.

Overall, the mash up works to great effect and the game is extremely fun and satisfying. The story campaign of Destiny is very entertaining and the missions can be challenging but never frustrating.

The only thing I would say is that due to the nature of the game which gives you such free reign to choose the order of your missions and with so much to be side tracked with, the story of Destiny is not strong enough and lacks the impact to be truly memorable and therefore feels a little lost amongst the huge array of options that are loaded in to this title.

Playing as a Hunter during the Beta, I decided to go for something different this time and choose the Warlock which has been an incredible change from the norm and a real breath of fresh air because of the abilities that open up to you and I would recommend people try this class out for a great experience.

For me to say that I am unsure on Destiny at this point would simply not be true. At this stage I can quite easily say that I am addicted to Destiny and for all the right reasons. Destiny feels like something really original even though this game uses so many elements from so many amazing games.

From the great range of enemy races you will encounter, the fun and addictive multiplayer, the co-
op opportunities, to the level of customization of your character, Destiny offers some great experiences to be had solo or co­op with two friends. The game continues to impress even after achieving level 20 and I intend to stick with it to make my Warlock character, the best he possibly can be.