Destiny: More Content Incoming


Destiny has been out now for over a week, and Bungie is already announcing new and interesting content for Guardians to do. We’re here to give you a brief run down of what is happening over the next few months.

September 19 – September 21 : Combined Arms

For this weekend only, much like last weekends ‘Salvage’ playlist, Combined Arms is a new Crucible mode that is a 6 v 6 Team Deathmatch mode that heavily involves vehicles. There will be plenty of Fallen Pikes, Cabal Interceptors and Turrets for you to reap those kills with. Spawning outside a vehicle will be a distinct disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t annihilate some with your Super attacks!

September 23 – October 6 : Queen’s Wrath

The first single player content to be released, ‘Queens Wrath’ involves participating in bounties set by the Queen of the Awoken. Hunt down her enemies and reap her rewards, receiving powerful and unique rare and legendary weapons and armour. This content is the first of hopefully many single player additions in the future.

September ? Salvage

The hugely popular ‘Salvage’ Crucible playlist is set to return later in September. For those who missed it, ‘Salvage’ is a 3v3 mode where you fight for control over relics. Being able to revive your teammates adds a great mix of risk/reward gameplay. Do you risk taking down your enemies first, or reviving your fallen teammates and fighting side by side?

October ? Iron Banner

A highly anticipated event, Iron Banner is a level advantage playlist that is meant for the Crucible Elite. All the legendary and exotic gear will give you a distinct advantage over other players here, so get ready for the fight of your life! With its own set of challenges and rewards, Iron Banner will really separate the mice from the men. If you see players with sets of Iron Banner equipment, know that they are truly powerful Guardians and worthy allies.

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