Destiny: Guide – Crucible Basics


The Multiplayer section of Destiny is called ‘The Crucible’. The Crucible is a series of gruelling challenges that pits Guardians against one another in open-combat. Whether alone or with a Fireteam, Guardians enter the Crucible to hone vital combat skills, build their reputations, and win patronage of City factions. We here at Twinstick Gaming have had extensive experience with the Crucible, and whilst not claiming to be the best, some of us have shown some impressive skill that we would like to share with our readers!

Following are a brief set of tips that might help you survive, and might help you dominate your fellow Guardians.

A unique selling point of Destiny’s multiplayer is the inclusion of ‘Level Advantages’. This means that a level 1 Guardian can fight a level 20 Guardian and still put up a decent fight. Obviously the level 20 will have access to a wide array of abilities that the level 1 doesn’t, but in terms of weapon damage and health it’s all standardised.


As mentioned above, weapons are damage standardised across the majority of Crucible games (aside from Iron Banner). What you need to look for are the stats and the perks. Impact is a very important stat in Crucible games, as it is basically how much damage each round does. Often, fast firing weapons will have low impact to balance it out and slow firing weapons like Sniper Rifles and Shotguns will have high impact. Finding primary weapons that fire fast AND have higher than average impact will grant you an advantage over your components. Perks that further upgrade weapons such as increased accuracy during prolonged fire, heavily benefits auto-rifles and machine guns.


Secondary weapons are all deadly in their own right, with each specialising in their own range. Sniper rifles are long range killers, with most killing with a single shot to the head. Fusion Rifles are mid range killers, that can kill with 1 shot as long as all the separate projectiles connect, and shotgun is the close range killer. Each also has their own downfall, for example the Fusion Rifle takes a short amount of time to charge up before firing. Wielding the Fusion Rifle is a test in patience as well as accuracy.


As with weapons, armour perks are how you’ll dominate in the Crucible due to defence being standardised. Armour with perks like faster reload for your favourite weapon, faster melee speed for those close encounters, and increased energy for your grenades and super ability. Equally important for your armour is the stats, as Intellect decreases your super cooldown, Discipline reduces your grenade cooldown and Strength reduces your melee cooldown. Depending on your preferred playstyle, it may be better to stack different values. As a close range fighter that favours shotguns, my build focuses on strength to reduce my melee cooldown. This means I can take off most of the enemies health with a shotgun blast and then melee them as a finisher.

When you reach higher levels and start to purchase armour from vendors, picking the correct vendor is important. Purchasing gear from the Vanguard vendors means that the gear is more likely to be useful for PvE scenarios instead of PvP. There is no use having armour that reduces to cooldown of your grenade when you melee an NPC, if you only ever use it in PvP.



Abilities are less about usefulness, and more about personal preference. My Striker Titan build is used in the video below, I favour maximum damage at close range, so I can rush in kill enemies and retreat quickly. Enabling the Titan Striker ability ‘Shoulder Charge’ allows me to build up a powerful melee attack after I sprint for a few seconds. This often results in a 1 hit kill, and is very handy for earning First Blood medals. Discipline is only slightly useful as a Titan as their grenades are arguably the least useful out of all the classes. Discipline with a Sunsinger Warlock is very powerful due to their very powerful grenades. Make sure to practice your selected build in PvE before bringing it to the Crucible, there is often no room for doubt.

The Radar-


One of the most under appreciated tools in Destiny is the use of the Radar. The radar (shown above) shows nearby enemies but not directly where they are. Using this tool, you can discover where your enemies are around you as well as whether they are on your same level. Keeping a close eye on this tool is essential, as it allows you to accurately predict where a target is or where a pursuer is approaching from. Pairing this tool with in depth map knowledge, enables you to be well prepared for a situation before you’ve even spotted your target.


For a look at what a Crucible match looks like once you’ve mastered a basics, check out the video below.


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