Destiny: What To Do After Reaching Level 20

So you’ve been playing Destiny since it’s release, but only just reached level 20. Luckily, this is when Destiny really opens up for you. It’s best to think of the pre-20 game as practice for the REAL Destiny. We here at Twinstick Gaming have put plenty of time into Destiny, and here are our top ways you can play Destiny after reaching level 20!


1. Levelling up further

That’s right! You can level up even higher than 20 in Destiny. Level 20 is referred to as the ‘soft level cap‘ in Destiny, which means that you no longer earn levels through experience but through ‘Light’ levels. Light is a tertiary stat on your gear that adds on top of your experience level, and is only on Rare gear and higher. Rare gear is more common for level 20s, and a full set of Rare gear should have you at about level 25. Fully levelled up gear offers more Light than non-upgraded, and Legendary/Exotic armour offers even more! Experience is still a necessary reward though, as it goes towards your subclass perks and weapon/armour upgrading.

2. Strike Playlists


Upon reaching level 20, you are notified that you now have access to ‘Vanguard Playlists‘. These are level 20 variations of all the strikes that you might have played throughout the game so far. These offer a greater challenge, more enemies and better loot drops. Furthermore, you also receive Vanguard Marks and Reputation that I will further explain below. As you increase in level, further strike playlists become available at level 22, 24, and 26. These offer even better gear, rewards and more experience.

Alongside these Strikes are the weekly ‘Nightfall’ strikes. These strikes are the hardest of the hard, often requiring a top class fireteam to even get half way through. The benefits of completing it though are very worth it, there is a high chance of receiving exotic gear once you complete it and you also receive a week long buff that boosts experience gain!

3. Reputation Vendors

Once you reach level 20, your main focus should be on these vendors. There are 5 different vendors, The Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, the New Monarchy and the Future War Cult. Vanguard and Crucible require you to increase your reputation levels with them, via Bounties and matches, and in return offer you Legendary armour and weapons. The other 3 vendors require you to purchase a Class Item which, upon equip, turns all reputation gains to your chosen Faction instead. You can level up every Faction separately, but this will take a long time. Each Faction has exclusive armour and weapons, so have a look over each factions rewards before concentrating on one faction only.

4. Mastering your Subclass


You may have reached level 20, but chances are your chosen subclass hasn’t been completed yet. Continuing to improve your subclass can pay off heavily during gameplay, often saving your skin. Once you have mastered one of your subclasses, it’s time to master your secondary subclass! These are usually vastly different to the first, and offer a different way to play your class. The 3 secondary subclasses are Defender for the Titan, Sunsinger for the Warlock and Bladedancer for the Hunter, and all 3 are unlocked once you reach level 15 with a single character.

5. Collectibles


Wandering around the Tower, you may have noticed a few Dead Ghosts around that you could revive for some additional Grimoire information. Not everyone knows that there are Dead Ghosts in may more locations than this.  Luckily, we here at Twinstick Gaming have found every Dead Ghost to help our readers out! On top of these Ghosts, there are 5 Golden Chests on every planet that are hidden around both public and mission areas. We’ve also found every Golden Chest in case you need help!

6. Crucible

Taking your better equipped and highly upgraded Guardian into the Crucible is a dream. You may have thought you were powerful before, but wait till you experience a full 6v6 Deathmatch of level 25+ characters. Already fast paced and exciting, higher level Crucible takes it to a whole other level. With all Crucible modes unlocked, your choice of battlefield is more varied than ever. Check out our Crucible Guide to the Basics for how to play effectively.

7. Raids


Requiring a 6 man fireteam, the best gear, and constant communication. Raids are the toughest part of Destiny to date. With only 0.1% (according to trophy date) of players having completed a raid so far, these should offer a huge challenge for any Guardian. The only Raid has been released so far is the Vault Of Glass, a Vex themed Raid that was first cleared in 11 hours, but has since been beaten in less time. Each Raid also has a Hard Mode variation which ups the difficulty even more. Bungie has recommended that only players Level 26 and above should even attempt to enter the Vault Of Glass, so you’ve been warned!


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