Destiny: Dead Ghost Locations The Tower

Welcome to Twinstick Gaming. In Destiny you may have noticed all these dead ghosts lying around. Well we have made video guide, which shows you the location of all 4 dead ghost found In The Tower.

Now The Tower ghosts aren’t too tricky to find but one is impossible to get unless a particular event is running. You’ll notice at the back of the main courtyard/market area there are some steps leading up and you’ll see a huge archway that is often blocked. Well, during public events such as ‘The Iron Banner’ or ‘Nightfall Strikes’ the pillars that block your path will no longer be there. At the very back of this area, near and to the right of the shopkeeper, on the balcony lies the previous unattainable ghost.

We hope you found this guide useful. The other Ghost locations for the other planets are in a set of links at the bottom of the page.