Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare Exo Survivor Mode Explained

cod advance warfare

By now you’ve probably seen the latest Call of Duty: Advance Warfare trailer entitled “Power Changes Everything,” which features the new ‘Exo Survivor Mode’. However, this new mode isn’t full explained in the new trailer so let us give you the rundown on what Exo is all about.

‘Exo Survivor Mode’ is an up to 4 player co-op multiplayer mode, similar to that of COD: MW3’s survivor mode. You, along with 3 other friends, must survive the endless waves of cloaked Exo soldiers, dogs, drones and mechs. You also have up to 3 classes to choose from including Light, Heavy or Specialist.

So what’s different about ‘Exo Survivor’ in comparison to the previous incarnations?

Well this time your characters progress is saved. In the past when you and your team died in ‘Survivor’ all your unlocks were wiped and you started from the first level. Whilst you still will be propelled back to the opening stage this time around, you will, however, retain all of your unlocks including special abilities and weaponry. This should allow gamers to progress even further then their exploits on MW3.

Sledgehammers co-founder Glen Schofield told Eurogamer

“One of the things we heard on the last game was, when you died you have to start all over again. We found people really like to invest in their character. This one is about investing in a character, investing in your team and working your way through the different waves in different levels on different maps.”

To shake things up certain stages will also include a set of objectives or challenges, which the team can choose to partake in. Abandoning the objective and holding up in some impenetrable room, whilst bottle necking the enemy into a small corridor might seem like the sensible thing to do, but is perhaps ill-advised. Failure to complete an objective will mean that the next wave of baddies will be even harder than the last, but completing an object will earn you bonus upgrade points.

Activision seem determined to shake up the old Call of Duty model and adapt to the current climate of first person shooters that are out there. The new trailer itself is so far apart from a Call of Duty game that it is almost unrecognisable, and whilst some of the old faithful may be in doubt to such drastic changes, we here at Twinstick Gaming think this can only be a good thing.

Call of Duty is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from November the 4th 2015. Day One Edition is available from November the 3rd 2015