Far Cry 4 & Driveclub White PS4 Bundles Coming To Europe

Do you want a White PS4 for Christmas? Well thanks to Sony, Evolution Studios and Ubisoft this may just be possible if you pre-order quick.

When the White PS4, bundled with the smash hit Destiny, was released in September PS4 sales once again skyrocketed. Now the white version of the PS4 is practically scarce and extremely hot property. But don’t fret Sony have more exclusive White PS4 bundles incoming.

If you are excited about Sony’s exclusive racer Driveclub from Evolution Studios or are a fan of the Far Cry series you can get your hands on a White PS4 bundled with either title.


driveclub bundleThe Driveclub bundle, which is available with a black or crystal white PS4, is only available in Europe and hits shelves from the 7th of October, which will set you back around €439.99 (£349.99 approx). PS Plus subscribers will also receive a free downloadable version of DriveClub.

The PS Plus version of Driveclub isn’t quite the full game but it offers a hefty chunk of what to expect. Every feature will be included but gamers will have access to only 10 cars and can only race in one country. Each country has 5 tracks with 11 ‘distinct’ variants.

Sadly, the Driveclub White Playstation 4 bundle isn’t available in all European countries. The White Edition is available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Czech, Hungary, Cyprus, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Norway, and Spain. The Gamer Edition is available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


far cry ps4 bundle


Ubisoft have teamed up with Sony and this time Far Cry 4 with be coupled with both White PS4 and Black PS4 variants. The exclusive bundle is due November the 18th and once again shows off Ubisoft’s and Sony’s great relationship, as they partner up once more since the exclusive Watchdogs bundle back in May. So far no pricing has been confirmed for these bundles but we can expect it to be the same as the Driveclub bundle  (€439.99/£349.99 approx).

Sony have also announced that there will be an exclusive Far Cry 4 PS3 bundle as well.

So is that enough to entice you to buy a PS4? Which bundle would you prefer? Let us know what you think about these fantastic bundles. Leave a comment below.