GTA V – What Happened To The Story DLC?

gta trevor

Cast your mind back to December 2013. You may remember, amongst the excitement, that Rockstar not only announced that Heist Missions were coming to GTA V Online, but a new story DLC was also inbound by 2014.

Well, where is it you may ask?

Rockstar are perhaps one of the most secretive developers in the world and are certainly a studio that doesn’t need to unveil anything to create hype. In fact, it is Rockstar’s secrecy that often sends fans into a frenzy. So far we’ve heard that GTA V will be getting a First Person Mode, Heists will be a timed exclusive to PS4 and a new zombie mode will also be included to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Yet all of this has been stirred up by fans, without real foundation and without Rockstar saying a single word.

So with no announcement insight this could mean one of two things. Either Rockstar are going to release the story DLC to coincide with the next-gen release of GTA V or, much like the Heist Missions, the story DLC have been delayed until God knows when.

Rockstar have been working hard to completely revamp the GTA V experience on PS4 and Xbox One. The graphics are hugely improved, the worlds more populated, radio stations feature more songs and there will be even more to do in GTA online. But two interesting questions remain, what exclusivity does Sony have in relation to GTA V and does this effect the story DLC or Heist Missions?

At E3 Rockstar and Sony took to the stage hand in hand and declared that Sony’s PS4 would be getting ‘exclusive content.‘ Since the announcement rumours have circulated that this exclusivity is the reason Heist Missions have been delayed. Rockstar said the delay was due to them ensuring the Heist DLC was up to scratch for launch. I suppose it is safe to assume the delay is also due to GTA’s next-gen overhaul.

However, it is Sony exec John Koller’s ominous words that were said at E3 that are still resonating in the ears of fans;

‘GTA V is going to be, I think, a title we’ll talk about more in the weeks and months to come, but GTA V and the GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on PlayStation 4′.

Knowing Rockstar we are just going to have to wait until November the 18th to find out what’s going on. Stay tuned with Twinstick Gaming for the latest on GTA V as and when the story develops.