Shadow Of Mordor Season Pass Detailed – You Can Even Fight Sauron


Monolith Productions have announced the details of their Season Pass for Shadow of Mordor, which is accompanied by a brand new shiny trailer. The Season Pass retails for £19.99 and contains a whole host of challenges and story based missions. Most notably is the “Bright Lord’ story mission where you get to play as the great Elven King Celebrimbor in a showdown with the evil dark lord Sauron himself. Lord of the Rings fans may have just wet their pants at that news.

Warner Bros‘ Shadow of Mordor looks to be the sleeper hit of 2014, receiving positive reviews all round. In the run up to Christmas, Shadow of Mordor will be looking to hold its own amongst the typical blockbuster powerhouses and judging by the quality of the game, has just about every chance of doing so.

New Story Missions, Including:

‘Guardians of the Flaming Eye’ Orc Warband Mission
Face Sauron’s elite Defenders before the Black Gate and earn the Rising Flame rune
‘Lord of the Hunt’ Story Mission
Players will gain new skills and earn unique epic runes as they hunt and tame legendary monsters of Mordor
‘The Bright Lord’ Story Mission
Play as Celebrimbor, the great Elven king of the Second Age, and face Sauron and the might of his forces

Early access to the Trials of War, including:

Test of Speed Challenge Mode
You can demonstrate your efficiency in battle and earn high scores for Talion’s speed in defeating your foes
Test of Wisdom Challenge Mode
You can prove your strategic abilities, through earning points for skill, speed and efficiency
Endless Challenge Mode
This mode will continually spawn new legions of enemies. The Runes that you will earn will provide powerful upgrades
Access to future content
Including runes, skins and additional add-on content

Middle-earth ™: Shadow of Mordor™ is available in the UK on October 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Steam; November 21st on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.