Lego Batman 3 – PS3 & PS4 Exclusive Batman Beyond DLC

lego batman of the futurePlaystation 3 and 4 owners in Europe have another reason to be excited for the release of Lego Batman 3, with the news of an exclusive DLC pack featuring Batman of the Future.

TT games revealed this exclusive pack in an interview with the official European Playstation blog, where they explained that the Batman of the Future (or Batman Beyond to our US friends) features the new Batman – teenager Terry McGinnis in the infamous high-tech Batsuit which can fly, turn invisible and shoot batarang darts, all of which can used in the game.

The Batman of the future pack will also feature the old and retired Bruce Wayne with his trusty dog Ace, who can sniff our hidden objects and dig them up.

A selection of fan favourite villains have also been selected to appear such as Blight, who can glow and light up darkened areas as well as having an immunity to fire and other hazards. The shape shifting Inque will also appear as well as Joker henchman Bonk, who will feature as a big minifigure.

Returning villains of Batman’s rogues gallery, who appeared in the Batman of the future show, will also appear.

Mr. Freeze in his advanced Freeze suit will also make an appearance, as well as The Joker from the animated movie ‘Return of the Joker’ equipped with laser gun, Joker grenades and his electric hand buzzer.

Warner Bros have not confirmed as to whether this is a permanent exclusive DLC pack for Playstation owners, but it would seem likely that this will be a timed exclusive and that Xbox owners will be able to get their hands on this eventually through the Xbox store.

We will of course keep you up to date on these details and all of the exciting Lego Batman 3 news as and when we have it.