Far Cry 4: Kyrat’s Gun Dealer

A recent reveal from Ubisoft have shown another unique and interesting character, but this time it may actually be a friend. The below trailer introduces ‘Longinus‘. Presumably he will sell various degrees of firepower to our main man Ajay. Clearly a little out of his mind too, Longinus is a warlord-turned-religious nut and possesses a strange mix of religion and firepower. Among his many metaphor uses is: ‘you are a tiger, and every tiger needs teeth.’ Wise words to live by from the looks of things in Kyrat!


In past Far Cry games, you’ve definitely been encouraged to play how you want, and Far Cry 4 seems to be no different. Whether equipping a fast firing Light Machine Gun, or sneakily using a Silenced Assault Rifle, Longinus has them all. Some further footage of the ‘auto-crossbow’ is also shown, and it looks to be very fun indeed.

Ubisoft has this to say about this new character:

Who will be supplying this impressive arsenal of weapons? Longinus – a former warlord who found God when he nearly died during a civil war in his country, where a priest named Maliya hid him in a church in Pala and nursed him back to health and eventually baptized Longinus in the waters of Goka Falls. Unfortunately, the people of his country saw him as a warlord, and nobody believed his so-called claims of being born again, so he left his country.

Longinus traveled with various religious expeditions searching for the blood diamonds he helped export during his time as a warlord. He followed a trail to the Himalayas and found himself in Kyrat, caught up in an all-too-familiar civil war. Longinus may have been reborn, but this doesn’t mean that the lion became the lamb. His willingness to sell guns and supplies to the sheep, while advocating that they fight for freedom, came from his experience that warlords don’t simply go away.

Interested? Check out the video below!

Far Cry 4 is set for a November 18 release date on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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