Dragon Age Origins Is Free Right Now On EA Origin

dragon age origins

Today Dragon Age Origins has joined EA’s ‘On The House’ special offers, which means anyone right now can download the game for free with no catch involved. Dragon Age Origins is usually £14.99 but you can download the PC version right now for free, but you’ll have to hurry as ‘On The House’ specials can be taken down at any time, although this deal is meant to last until the 14th of October.

Dragon Age Origins is a real-time RPG set in a fantasy world were the evil Darkspawn threaten the realms of Ferelden. Players assume the role of a Grey Warden, ill-fated warriors chosen to fight the Darkspawn. Players can then choose to be either a Human, Elf or Dwarf in conjunction with one of the many classes available.

This RPG has its flaws and the combat system (to some) will appear dated, but the compelling story and fantastic array of companions will immerse gamers into another one of Bioware’s mystical worlds.

To download Dragon Age Origins from the EA Origin store click here.