Call Of Duty Advance Warfare PS3/PS4 Cross Buy Not Coming To The UK?


Sony announced that Call of Duty Advance Warfare will have cross-buy. So if you purchase COD Advance Warfare digitally for the PS3, you can then also download it at no extra cost for the PS4. This is ideal for those who intend to make the jump to PS4 at a later date as it will save them purchasing the game for a second time.

This limited time offer will run until March 31st 2015 and any maps that are purchased, either separately or via the season pass, will also be transferable to both next-gen consoles at no extra charge.

So far this cross-buy offer is only available in the US. We contacted Activision about whether this offer would extend to the UK and the rest of Europe, and Activision confirmed that they have no plans ‘at present’ for the UK. Whilst this isn’t a blatant ‘no’ we will just have to wait for any further developments.