GAME To Host Evolve Live Stream On October The 14th


GAME will be hosting a live stream event of 2K’s upcoming squad based shooter, EVOLVE, on October the 14th.

Fans will see up to 80 minutes worth of live gameplay, where 2K and GAME staff will face off against each other, if they join the live stream this Tuesday. 2K will showcase the game mechanics, characters and levels, as well as undertaking a live Q&A. Viewers who are lucky enough to have a question answered during the live stream will be given an EVOLVE Alpha code to get an ‘early taste’ of hunting down a Goliath themselves.

Evolve comes from the masterminds behind ‘Left 4 Dead’ and is an online only squad based shooter. 4 players are hunters and 1 player is the monster. The hunters must destroy one of the selectable monsters, such as the ‘Goliath’ or ‘Kraken,’ before the player controlled monster consumes too much and becomes too powerful for the team to overcome.

Gamers that tune in will also be given access to an exclusive pre-order offer, active only for the duration of the stream.

For more information visit the GAME exclusive live stream.

EVOLVE is available from the 10.02.14 (UK) on PS4, Xbox One and PC.