Minecraft PS Vita Edition Launches On Playstation Store This Week

The time is finally upon us! After months and months of waiting, Minecraft Ps Vita edition launches on the PS Store on 15th October! That’s just 2 days from now! It will be priced at £12.99, or free if you’ve purchased the PS3 version already. For those that like to have a physical copy, the retail version will be available on 21st November.


The PS3 and PS Vita versions feature Cross-Buy, this means that if you purchase one then you will automatically have both versions! To upgrade to the PS4 version, you will still need to pay the upgrade fee to upgrade from PS3.

Before now, Minecraft fans were forced to use the Mobile version of Minecraft if they wanted to build on the go. In 2 days time, that will no longer be the case! You can build your masterpiece on the bus to school/work/shops and transfer it over to PS3 or even PS4 when you’re home.


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