Bungie Pays Tribute To Destiny’s Infamous Loot Cave

destiny loot cave

So if you are one of the few who didn’t take advantage of Destiny’s infamous loot cave allow me to elaborate. On Earth there was a cave that became incredibly popular due to the fact the enemies would respawn from there at an alarming rate. Players would then mow down the enemies and collect the high value loot left behind by the dead. It was a loot farming haven, that is until Bungie came along and patched the game, effectively removing the enemy spawn point. Bungie felt the exploitation of this ‘bug’ wasn’t in keeping with the games’ spirit.

Since then, gamers have been roaming the planets looking for new loot caves, but it seems that Bungie aren’t without a sense of humour because for those who return to the cave will discover a tribute left behind by the developers. Instead of a zillion baddies you will find the burnt corpses of those that fell and if you interact with the remains you’ll be left a short audio message saying “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool!”

Watch the video below that was uploaded by user Jonty Alphaville