Dragon Age Inquisition Will Take Around 200 Hours To Complete

dragon age dragon

Last time we reported on the campaign length for Dragon Age Inquisition, we were led to believe, by Bioware’s Cameron Lee, that the game would take around 2000 hours to complete everything. As you can imagine this was a little far from the truth. Cameron Lee was quoted as saying that the campaign would last around 50 hours and had ’40 major’ alternative endings. So from that we were led to believe that 50 hours over 40 different play through would equate to 2000 hours. Obviously Lee retracted this statement and re-declared that the campaign had a few major different endings with around 40 different smaller permutations.

Recently, Lee was out again and confirmed, with more conviction, that Dragon Age Inquisition’s main campaign would take anywhere between 20-40 hours to complete, but if you were dedicated enough to complete everything in the game you would need around 150-200 hours worth of spare time.

Dragon Age Inquisition appears to be stepping up a gear in comparison to its predecessors, in terms of size, scale and options. This time around customisation has been taken to a whole new level with character customisation to an in-depth alchemy system, from companion equipment load outs to crafting armour and weaponry. Couple all of that with Dragon Age’s new multiplayer mode and Inquisition may be just the game to challenge Skyrim’s RPG superiority.

Skyrim’s popularity was based on a number of things which included an expansive world to roam, compelling story telling, a vast amount of choices and customisation, all of which Dragon Age Inquisition is promising to deliver on. The Dragon Age series has sold well over the years, especially Dragon Age Origins believed to be around the 5 million sales mark but in comparison to Skyrim’s 20 million plus sales EA’s Inquisition is going to have to pull out all the stops and then some to compete at that level.

Check out the latest story trailer ‘The Hero of Thedas’ for the latest.