Evolve Alpha Release Date Announced

Good news Evolve fans! 2k have announced the closed alpha stage of Evolve is due to start at the end of October. Evolve is a new IP from Left 4 Dead creators 2k, featuring 4v1 gameplay as 4 hunters track down and kill 1 big ol’ monster.


Not surprisingly during today’s gaming industy, some players get a headstart over others. Xbox One players get a 24-hour head start, and their alpha starts on 30th October and ends on 2nd November. You will therefore need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

There will also be a limited number of PC and PS4 players that will be invited. Unfortunately, on these platforms it runs from 31st October to 2nd November. On PS4 you need to have a PS Plus membership. Regardless of the length, this is looking to be one monstrous weekend.

In a similar fashion to recent release Destiny, pre-ordering the game guarantees access to the closed alpha.

But we have some more good news for you! There’s also a multi-use code available now that’s good for a few thousand players. It is:


This is only available for several thousand players, and chances are that the places have been taken already. No harm in trying though right?

Check out the Alpha Trailer below:

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