Call Of Duty Advance Warfare Official Gameplay Launch Trailer Is Big, Bold & Mighty

call of duty advance warfare

Big, bold and mighty. That is perhaps the best way to describe the latest Call of Duty Advance Warfare Trailer.

Kevin Spacey takes centre stage in a Call of Duty that promises major changes to the franchise. The beloved series has come under some criticism for becoming repetitive and stale, but few could accuse Sledgehammer’s and Activision’s latest outing of falling into the same pitfall.

With advance warfare comes new advance weapons and completely reworked game mechanics. We have grapple guns, jet packs, technical computery stuff and, oh yeah, mechs. Now all these changes might put some Call of Duty purists off, but if COD is to ensure its legacy amongst rival shooters, who in their own way are paving the future of FPS’, COD must adapt and this new trailer really showcases that transformation.

Call of Duty Advance Warfare is available worldwide from the 4/11/14 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Pre-order and gain access to the Day-Zero Edition from the 3/11/14.