Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Coming To Xbox 360?

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Since the possibility of GTA San Andreas receiving a HD re-release came about yesterday, Rockstar have come out and confirmed that GTA San Andreas will be available to download in 720p for Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Market Place.

San Andreas will be available from the 26th of October to mark the games’ 10 year anniversary, and retails for $14.99 (approx £9.99). Since the announcement the Xbox Originals version of San Andreas has been pulled from Xbox Live and game saves will not transfer to the new HD version. There is also no word on whether a Playstation 3 HD version is on the cards.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is often regarded as the ‘fan favourite’ of the series but could this classic title be coming to Xbox 360?

Xbox Achievements have listed a new set of 33 GTA San Andreas Achievements on their website. If the site is to be believed then a GTA San Andreas port could be on the way.

Rockstar have yet to confirm anything but San Andreas’ 10 year anniversary is just around the corner. Couple that with the fact that the Xbox Originals version of San Andreas is no longer available to download from the Xbox Marketplace and this rumour is certainly starting to look viable.

So far there is no Playstation 3 trophy set but stay tuned with Twinstick Gaming for the latest on this story as it unfolds.

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