Nintendo: Big In Japan

nintendoReciting the failings of the Wii U in comparison to its rivals Xbox One and PS4, would be easy. Shortly after the first month of sales, the console bombed almost immediately. However, Nintendo have seen a resurgence in Wii U sales this year, by in large due to a certain Mario racing game. Couple that with the new Smash Bros. on the horizon and you can now say that the Wii U is looking like a steadier ship. Even the media are having a more positive approach to Nintendo’s recent outing.

But amongst the ups and downs there is one place on the planet Nintendo can hold their heads above everyone else. And that is Japan.

Whilst the Wii U has enjoyed success in Japan, Nintendo’s stock is in the 3DS. Even Sony’s admirable attempt at usurping Nintendo’s handheld crown, couldn’t hold a candle to the strategic marketing and accessibility that the 3DS offers. Last week Media Create (a Japanese numbers/stats company) confirmed that all variants of the 3DS sold 113,238 in Japan alone.

The PS Vita managed 9391, PS4 mustered 8046, Wii U steadily generated 5293, PS3 trundled along with 4779, Xbox One slumped to 728 and both the PSP and Xbox 360 scrapped by on less than 100 sales each. Here’s a full report of sales, the year to date figures make for interesting reading.

mario kart yoshiNintendo’s success comes off the back of stock shortages too, as the week before the 3DS went on sale and shipped over 260k.

Nintendo & Capcom enjoyed further success with 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate remaining at the top of the Japanese software chart for the second week running. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has now shipped a staggering 1.77m in Japan alone.

Nintendo have found favourable stories hard to come by over the last year or so, but they’ll certainly enjoy taking dominance over one of the largest gaming consumer countries in the world.