More Season Pass DLC revealed for Lego Batman 3

lego batman 3

With the reveal of a Lego Batman 3 Season Pass a little over a month ago, we reported on the announced levels and packs that will be available so far.

We know that there will be a Dark Knight, a 75th Anniversary and Man of Steel pack. Warner Bros announced an additional pack, which is the Batman of the Future pack. For the time being the Batman of the Future pack is a PS3 and PS4 exclusive, but whether this pack is included as part of the season pass is unknown at this point.

We also know that another DLC pack based on the hit show ‘Arrow’ will be released and will feature an entire level taken from the show and feature characters such as John Diggle, Felicity Smoak and ‘Arrow’ versions of Huntress, Deathtroke, Roy Harper (Red Arrow/Arsenal), Black Canary and Malcolm Merlyn.

Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Arrow in the DLC but it is unknown whether other stars of the show will lend their voice work to play their respective roles.

Here is hoping John Barrowman will return to play Merlyn though!

TT Games’ Lego Batman 3 will be available 14th November on all formats.