Sony have been busy indeed. Not only have they unveiled the latest crop of Free games for the November Instant Games Collection, they have also given us a sneak peek of what is to come for both December and January’s Instant Games Collection.



SteamWorld Dig

steamworld dig

Is a mining platform adventure where Rusty arrives at a little western mining town called Tumbleton. Once he has the deed to his mine Rusty embarks on making his fortune by digging, solving puzzles and avoiding traps. Colourful, clever and playful.

The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth

the binding of isaac

A revamped version of the original Flash game, The Binding of Isaac is a dungeon crawler of the same ilk as the original Legend of Zelda games. Each procedurally generated floor contains several rooms where players must vanquish all enemies before defeating the boss at the end of each level. Upgrade weapons, buy equipment and find keys to unlock secret doors in the captivating dungeon crawler.


Frozen Synapse Prime

frozen synapse prime

A turn based tactics game with randomly generated maps. Players must order their squad to eliminate the enemy. There are 3 game modes including single player campaign, skirmish mode and online multiplayer. Fans of XCOM will certainly enjoy this one.



A fast paced high-octane Airplane shoot-em up where players can zip around the levels with complete freedom as they aim to destroy the enemy planes and fleets of ships.


The Hungry Horde

hungry horde

Control zombies and infect the population to expand your horde. Players must increase the size of their horde and break down all human defences before the time runs out, because if they don’t the government will fight back and nuke the town from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure. With an art style similar to Minecraft there are hours of playable fun ahead.

Escape Plan

escape plan

A macabre puzzle plat former that really utilises the touchscreen capabilities of the PS Vita. Players must guide Lil and Laarg through a set of various booby-trapped rooms using both the Vita’s front touch screen and rear touch pad. Failure to do so can lead to a gruesome death.


injustice-gods-among-us-screenshots-9In December we’ll see our first Free PS4 Triple A title and this prestigious honour falls to DC and Warner Bros superhero filled beat-em up Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. Fight as some of DC’s most famous heroes and villains including Superman, Batman, Joker, Flash and Green Lantern.

Also available in December for PS4 is Secret Ponchos is angled top-down shooter set in the wild west. This PVP is colourful and over the top, and has gameplay similar to Dead Nation.

Both PS3 and PS Vita Games are yet to be announced.


infamous first lightJanuary also has an amazing set of free games available. For those who enjoyed Infamous: Second Son you can carry on your gaming experience by playing as Fetch in Sucker Punch’s prequel Infamous First Light. Fetch has the power of ‘Neon,’ which grants her superhuman speed to tear up the city. First Light is a standalone expansion and doesn’t require you to own the original game to play.

Next up is The Swapper, which I simply cannot praise enough. Twinstick Gaming reviewed the ‘majestic’ Swapper and had no choice but to give this intense sci-puzzle plat-former a 10 out of 10. If you like unique gameplay coupled with an unsettling atmosphere, The Swapper is for you.

Both PS3 and PS Vita Games are yet to be announced.