Why You Should Be Excited For Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins Creed Unity is being released on the 13th of November. That’s really close. We here at Twinstick Gaming cannot contain our excitement for this game, as it looks to be a huge renewal for the series. There are many new features that should excite you too. Here are our top picks for why Unity looks to be one of the best Assassin games in years.

1. Back to basics

Unity is returning to its roots. Gone are the days that you can run straight into a group of 20 guards and systematically pick them off one by one with a series of super-strength parries. Enemy AI has been improved, which means that they now work together to overwhelm you. Being a deadly Assassin means you can take on 4 or 5 enemies with ease, but the difficulty ramps up a lot with each additional target. This forces you to be stealthy, like an Assassin should be, and plan your combat ahead of time. Assassins should attempt to remove as many enemies from the environment before all hell breaks loose and you’re forced to attract their attention.

2. Co-op

The previous iterations of the Assassin games did have a form of co-op gameplay, but it was frankly a little shallow and felt rushed in comparison to the rest of the multiplayer experience. The co-op in Unity is another case entirely. Entire cinematic missions were crafted with 4 players in mind, and feature a wide variety of objectives. As part of the customisation (as i’ll go into further below) each Assassin can in theory take on a different part of mission. You prefer stealth? Then take the stealthy option. Why not pair yourself with an Assassin who can take way more damage than you, and take out the enemies that are concentrating on him? The options that this creates are numerous!


3. Customisation

Whilst there was some customisation in past games, but Unity is stepping it up once again. Just like the old Assassins, you can paint yourself in many different colours. Further to that you can change many different parts of your outfit to fit your specification. These range from light weight leathers and jerkins, to heavy duty leather and armour plating. Did we mention that these outfits benefit you in different ways? As part of Unity’s deeper customisation, each armour piece boosts different parts of your playstyle. Not only can you look badass, but your outfit speaks volumes about how you prefer to play. There are 4 different stats, Melee, Health, Stealth and Ranged. I can’t wait to rock that heavy armour, alongside a trusty 2 handed sword and wade into battle to see how many enemies I can take on at once.


4. Paris

As we previously covered, the Unity developers have really put the time into making Paris as realistic as possible. A lot of famous buildings that still stand to this day have been recreated on a 1:1 scale. That means that you can actually do some parkour as your Assassin, and then go visit the actual building and know your way around. A huge effort has been put into making the city of Paris has authentic as possible, especially during a time of revolution. We all know revolution means riots, and riots mean lots and lots of people. Ubisoft have promised that each and every person in said riots have their own AI and react in their own unique way to your actions. All this plus the fact that the framerate stays consistent throughout, makes this something that you have to see to believe.



5. The story

The best stories that Assassins Creed have ever told have had some emotion behind it. Losing your family as Ezio, regaining your broken honour as Altair, even the dodgy third game had an interesting story behind it. Unity is set to tell the story of Arno, but not just Arno the Assassin but Arno the person, even starting before he joins the Assassin Brotherhood. Arno is to play an important role during the French revolution, and is clearly passionate about his country. Arno is also rumoured to have romantic links to another character who is actually a Templar, and everyone loves the forbidden love angle. We can’t wait to experience every inch of it.



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