PlayStation Now to Launch Subscription Option


As some of you may recall, not long ago I gone done a bit of a rant about PlayStation Now, so it’s probably only fair that I should give Sony some credit for having improved things considerably. In fact, they’ve done exactly what I suggested would improve things considerably.

playstation-now-titlesPlayStation Now will begin to offer a subscription-based service to users in North America from next week, allowing PS4 owners to access a catalogue of over 100 PS3 games for a flat monthly fee. This essentially makes the service like a Netflix for games, and should make it considerably more attractive to gamers looking for (better) value for money, variety, and, obviously, games. Whilst it’s still not necessarily cheap (a monthly subscription will cost $19.99, and a three month one $44.99), it’s about a millionty-twelve times better than some of the ludicrous prices we were seeing before, and with more titles yet to be added, should only get better.

The bad news is that PlayStation Now is still not available in Europe, and as of yet we have no definite idea as to when it will be. Vague ‘sometime in early 2015‘ promises have been wafted around, and ‘complicated broadband infrastructure‘ has been cited as a reason for its absence, but it looks like we’re just going to have to wait and see.

When it does arrive, however, it will be an excellent opportunity for PS4 gamers to revisit old favourites, or for them to catch last-gen titles they may have missed the first time around.

Indeed, if you’re looking for something to fend off the post-Christmas blues, a library of over 100 instantly accessible games is probably up there with that selection box you’ve still got hidden away at the back of the cupboard, right!?