Destiny: Why Is It So Successful?

At the time of this article being written, Destiny has been out for 4 and a half months. Given that it received a mixed reception from a wide variety of reviewers, and only got a 6.5/10 from us the game was immensely popular and remains a gaming sensation months down the line. Destiny even received the Playstation Blog PS4 Game Of The Year as voted by you! But why?
Firstly, let’s make a few comparisons shall we? Titanfall also released in 2014 to a widely positive reception, gaining at least 9/10 from the big reviewers, and was a huge commercial success. 4 months after release it had already began to disappear from public view, and who talks about Titanfall anymore except when asking what happened to it? Perhaps it’s because it was a multiplayer only title, devoid of single player content at all, or maybe because it had no longevity? It’s still a good game by all accounts but not on the same level.

From the beginning, Destiny was planned to be a 10 year franchise. This means that they couldn’t just create any old Call Of Duty clone and expect people to be interested the entire 10 years. Mechanically, Destiny is near flawless. It plays great, handles smoothly and the framerate is consistent. This means that Bungie can build upon its strong gameplay foundations, bringing to life the world we’ve all read about in the grimoire cards. Bungie have created a very interesting universe full of space magic, death robots and even talking space dragons (really!), and will hopefully allow us to experience it all first hand someday. Perhaps hope is what is keeping people glued to their controllers?
Another possible reason as to why Destiny remains popular is because there aren’t many games quite like it. Many people have compared it to a shooter MMO, with it being always online and full of other people. Destiny scratches that itch that not many games before it have. There are MMOs, like DC Universe Online, and RPG shooters, like Borderlands, but nothing comparable to Destiny that uniquely combines both. I, alongside many others, cannot wait to jump back on their consoles and delve right back into the world we’ve experienced for months.
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Even if you tried Destiny, as many have, and thought that it was shallow and repetitive (rightly so) the future looks very bright. Bungie are always monitoring Destiny with keen eyes, always responding to fan feedback and updating their creation constantly. The amount of updates is frankly astounding (for a console game anyway). This level of dedication is usually reserved for MMO giants like World Of Warcraft, but updates are done impressively fast!
Regardless of what happens, whether Destiny continues to climb or not, stick here with TwinstickGaming.